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Over the past year, we have witnessed profound change and new trends emerging in the OTT video industry. Consumers call the shots and that is the reality of the digital economy. Engaging with consumers in new ways while re-engineering the video businesses around rapidly changing consumer needs, attitudes and behaviors are essential in today’s world.

Media conglomerates are seeking to build direct relationships between their brands and consumers, in some cases using their own pipes to deliver their content to consumer devices. The streaming wars are intensifying, and companies are waging all-out war in a bid for consumers’ attention.

As 2020 progresses, find out what trends the OTT video industry will see play out this year, and what the key drivers of growth will be across all platforms, from content and video streaming providers to telcos and pay-TV operators.


What’s New for 2020?


The OTT Summit is not just another conference.  The aim is to ask hard questions and curate the defining conversation about the future of streaming video in 2020.

The summit will focus on key discussion topics including:

  • 2019 Rugby World Cup – The direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model
  • Niche discussion: New kinds of opportunities for new kinds of content
  • Capturing more VOD advertising revenue
  • Cross-industry innovation: The way they engage with consumers
  • Addressing challenges in billing & payment in Asia
  • Telcos talk: Beyond the dumb pipe
  • #genztalk: How Gen Z is watching video right now


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The Tech Ecosystem Behind Video Streaming      

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OTT Anti-Piracy Symposium 2020

Unveiling New Solutions to Combat Streaming Piracy    

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TimeProgramme - 5 March
09:00Opening Remarks by Host
09:05Welcome Remarks
09:15Introductory Remarks
09:20Global Perspective – Streaming Video’s Future Path
There is a rapid pace of change in the OTT video industry where we are witnessing new trends are emerging. This opening presentation evaluates market drivers, catalysts and challenges with an analysis of how streaming video is evolving across global markets today, where it may be heading and how global trends will have an impact on Asia.
09:45Industry Leaders - Setting the Stage for 2020
Nearly a decade after the adoption of digital technology, media conglomerates are seeking to build direct relationships between their brands and consumers, in some cases using their own pipes to deliver their content to consumer devices. In this opening session, industry leaders will present the biggest issues and top trends you need to leverage now and into the coming year. From the adoption of D2C strategies in the Asia Pacific, monetisation, game-changing innovation and what’s next beyond video, this conversation will set the stage for the rest of your OTT experience.
10:10In Conversation: Transformation and Growth in Asia
What does it mean to be in the driving seat of the biggest media company today? To what degree is the organisation adapting to, and forming consumer behaviour? What does it mean to have such a scale and how can different business models be combined to create one coherent strategy? What does D2C success mean for the company?
10:30Presentation by Brightcove
10:50Coffee Break
11:10Telcos Talk: Beyond the Dumb Pipe
Telecom operators are forced to spend millions of dollars to upgrade their bandwidth and network infrastructure, with no certainty that customers will pay for it. One strategy is to continually develop new services where video is of vital importance, for the future of operators. Operators have a big opportunity, but how can they make money out of this traffic? Are they getting value from these video services? Is it a harder game to play? Are they doubling up or down on their investments in video?
11:40In Conversation: Addressing Challenges in Billing & Payment in Asia
The shift to subscriptions is happening across all industries, but nowhere is it happening faster than in the video industry. Today’s consumers have new expectations and preferences on how they want to purchase and take advantage of video products and services. We explore how Netflix is addressing these new expectations of today’s consumers. What is their growth strategy? How do they price, bill, collect fast cash, reduce churn and leverage on analytics to make swift decisions?
12:00Retaining a Customer in a Competitive Streaming Market
The streaming wars are intensifying. Big media and technology companies are waging an all-out war in a bid for consumers’ attention. In this presentation by an expert in determining customer value will share his views on what customer lifetime value looks like in the context of streaming wars in 2019 vs 2020. What are consumers expecting as these streaming wars heat up? What customer-acquisition levers are there available to competitors in this space? And which retention strategies are working, and which are not?
12:20Joint Conversation: Bringing Strong Revenue Opportunities through Online Entertainment – Pay-TV Provider Partnerships
12:40Networking Lunch
13:202019 Rugby World Cup - The Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Business Model
In 2019, beIN signed a deal to broadcast the year’s Rugby World Cup across nine Asian nations exclusively, where all 48 matches from the tournament will be seen on beIN Asia Pacific’s new channel and streamed live on the broadcaster’s OTT platform. In this session, we will find out why the push to D2C, how the new strategy is working out and what are the pros and cons of a D2C business model vs the pay-TV operator route.
13:40Niche Discussion: New Kinds of Opportunities for New Kinds of Content
Launching and surviving as a niche OTT service is not an easy job as there are more than hundreds of streaming platforms in the market. In this session, we explore how niche content providers are building their OTT business away from the mainstream. How are they attracting audiences to--and keeping them on--their services, despite operating with smaller budgets in an increasingly crowded streaming space? What new distribution opportunities are these niche content providers eyeing for their services?
14:10Light Touch Regulation of Online Curated Video Content
Video-on-demand (VOD) streaming providers in Asia Pacific have joined forces to urge regional governments to adopt self-regulatory approaches to curated online video services in the region. In this panel, we will discuss how a working self-regulatory framework would look; whether it is possible to distinguish curated video products from “internet video”; and how our industry can co-operate to protect children and other vulnerable consumers from inappropriate material. The effects of a good regulatory framework on long term business potential and the impact of piracy will also be discussed.
14:35It is Not Just About Measurements, it is about Accessing Demand and Ad Opportunities
With the number of devices and outlets where consumers can access content increasing almost every day, the business of measuring who’s watching what has evolved from a simple count of basic viewership into a frenzy for increasingly granular information. Advertisers and networks today want not only a baseline profile of who’s watching but increasingly why they’re watching, where they’re watching and whether they’re paying attention to what’s on-screen. This session will present analytics and examples of how operators and streaming video providers can capture and create more value.
14:50In Conversation: The Twitch Roadmap – The Future of Advertising
The multi-million-viewers-per-day platform is by far the most prominent online location for live streamers to share their screens and stories at no cost to the viewer. Consumers, mainly millennials, want a more meaningful and engaging experience, so they are willing to embrace ads as part of this experience. In this fireside chat, we explore how the streaming platform may play a key role in the digital video advertising business. Could it become Amazon’s YouTube? What other content are they expanding into besides gaming to further enhance the value of advertising on their platforms?
15:10Capturing more VOD Advertising Revenue
The growth in ad spend on VOD services is outpacing expenditure on other media such as paid-for search advertising and traditional formats such as TV and print. In this session, we explore if the AVOD business model is where the real money is. What does the industry need to do to get onto the media plans of marketers today? What is the role of OTT within the modern media plan – what does it do differently from other channels and how can it complement your media plan?
15:40Cross Industry Innovation: The Way They Engage with Consumers
Consumers call the shots. That is the reality of the digital economy. Engaging with consumers in new ways while also re-engineering the businesses around rapidly changing needs, attitudes and behaviors are essential in today’s world. In this discussion, we hear experiences from other sector experts on their customer engagement strategies, how they are enhancing customer experience, fostering brand growth and building loyalty.
16:10Winning Back Subscribers: Coping with Churn in OTT
As the video streaming space becomes more fragmented, OTT providers are increasingly focused on keeping their subscribers and acquiring new customers. This panel explores the factors driving OTT subscription service uptake, duration, and churn. Panelists share insights on the incentives and best practices that can help OTT providers best retain their existing customers and acquire new ones.
16:40Android TV – Is it the Way to Go?
With more than 1 million device activations every two months and video apps in the Android Play Store, Android TV can no longer be ignored. How will this landscape develop over the next 2 years in Asia? How can Android TV impact the pay-TV market? How can operators streamline the user experience for consumers and deliver apps and games? What security challenges does Android present?
17:10#genztalk: How Gen Z is Watching Video Right Now
Gen Z is a video-first generation – the generation that never knew about cable and are likely to be “cord-nevers”. They watch videos in a completely different manner from older generations and they pose different challenges for content providers. It is crucial that we reach them on their terms. In this session, we explore the types of content they want, the formats that speak to them, the devices and platforms they prefer and how they would like to be engaged.
17:35Closing Remarks
17:45 - 19:00OTT Conference Cocktail